Day Zero – Inauguration 2017


Eerily quiet.  Not a peep.  Quite the difference from the day before, when anyone who could get away with making a political comment, did.  The comments were all one-sided, and any attempt to diffuse or bring calm was met with, well, “hostile environment” type response.  But this was a new day.  It was covered either with the pall of doom, or the silence of relief and contentedness.  Knowing my vocation, and the vocation of my organization, I would say it was the former.

Throughout the day, commentary was kept to a minimum.  I think everyone was aware that, today, it may have been too easy to speak out, to say all those things that should not be said in polite public.  Instead of letting out all that bile, it stayed in.  At least, at my venue today.

I believe some of the company’s leadership team watched President Trump’s speech live.  I streamed it while fulfilling my vocation.  To me, it was boilerplate stuff.  If you paid attention at all to President Trump’s stump speeches, you heard it all already.  He did make a play to bring all Americans back into the fold, regardless of heritage or personal convictions.  As with every new President, time will tell.  For all the others who either do not have patience to let events play out and have their minds made up, President Trump is already a failure of the highest order, or the greatest blessing to the highest office in the secular world.  I am more a fan of seeing how things play out, listening to his promises, identifying where he falls short or changes positions, and indicating where he kept his promises.

I am not foolhardy enough to believe one leader does it all alone.  It will be interesting to watch the indicators, and the spin given to assign credit or blame to him, even when it is unwarranted.

Time will tell.

Media and Political Response



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