Day 3 – Execute This!


If there was any hand wringing or celebrating going on in my part of the world today, it was not coming out of people’s mouths.  After an inauguration, a Saturday protest in which all women may or may not have been invited or wanted, and a Sunday in which President Trump and the media continued their ongoing spat, none of it seemed to carry over to Monday.  At least, it was not verbalized.

Social media, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying “versions of facts” being discussed by Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.  Or, making justification for why not all women were welcomed to the march on Saturday.  No need to write fiction when reality is more compelling, and when outrage is more important than reason.

To which, I say:  Some twenty-something years ago, an elected Federal executive tried to redefine the word “is”.  Some things never change in politics.

However, it was a busy day for the President.  He started signing Executive Orders to reverse a number of the actions enacted by President Obama via Executive Order.  I guess two can play that game. And he may need to replace the ink in that pen soon.

Media and Political Response



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