What a day!  The amazing events in my corner of the world were:

  • We passed the test!  My daughter received 100% on a college exam – a prerequisite grade to proceed beyond this term in her desired major.
  • We survived writing!  My son, the math wiz, started and finished a writing assignment in less time than expected.  For him, this is a big deal!
  • I survived the day at work.  That was actually easy; it was preparing for tomorrow’s planned zaniness that made it interesting.

My day looked nothing at all like the smackdown that seemed to occur in all directions politically and socially.  From Pacman Jones’s tirade, to the Fight Club creator addressing liberal snowflakes, to DNC committee chair candidates wanting white people to shut up, to President Trump smacking down common sense with his National Day of Patriotic Devotion, smackdowns were in the air.  That does not even consider the daily jabbing between the Trump Administration and the media, or the gag order the President is putting on federal agencies.

Still plenty of hand-wringing to go around.  And the big red button hasn’t been pushed against anyone.


Media and Political Response



(Relatively) Neutral:

Media on Media Smackdown:

Political Information That Makes You Go, “Hmm”:


Of Note

Relevant Reading



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