Day 5 – Governance


Two IT vendors walk into a bar.  One offers software as a service (SaaS) via the cloud, on a software subscription basis.  The other offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) via the cloud, on a usage subscription basis.  These vendors are not competing, and they are not affiliated.  They just happened to walk into the bar at the same time.

The punchline…?  There is none, at least, not for now.  Today, I worked with two vendors who can hopefully help us make significant progress on two major programs for my employer.

Both of these vendors are sourced within the U.S.   They will not be our “partners”.  They will be involved for a single project engagement.  The SaaS vendor may be utilized regularly for training and support, but they will neither govern nor guide our projects.  The IaaS vendor has this opportunity to gain credibility with cloud infrastructure where two other vendors failed.

We give the vendors an opportunity, yet we drive the projects toward success.  Will they be successful?  We will do everything in our power to make it so.  And, our project sponsors and corporate management team will conduct governance to ensure they are executed well and properly.
Governance is not a “nice to have”; it is required.  Our corporate controls, checks, and balances are defined via policies and procedures, and by Federal and state regulations; those of the Federal government are embodied in the Constitution.  If we step beyond our bounds, we get called out for it, maybe fired, depending on the severity of the infraction.  What happens when our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial bodies overstep their Constitutional bounds?  Not much, lately.  Checks and balances seem not to be in vogue nowadays, being rendered less important than progress.
Let’s see if checks and balances become more in vogue with President Trump in power.  Regardless of who leads, Constitutional checks and balances should never be past their prime.


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