Day 11 – Disruption!


Is the Executive Office meant to be transformational?  Disruptive?  Depending which side of the aisle you are on, or depending on what issue is being discussed, you may be inclined to say “yes” at times.  Funny thing is, there is probably not one soul of voting age in the U.S. who would summarily say “no”, given the right situation or cause.

My preference is “no”.  Can any President change the country via Executive Order?  Absolutely.  Is it always appropriate?  No.

Is this me calling out President Trump for his early volume of EOs?  Not necessarily; I have not read in depth on each of them – and, frankly, I could care less about the commentary passing as “news” in the media or on social media nowadays – therefore, I cannot comment on whether they are Constitutionally appropriate, and if they are, whether the EOs are just doing something to generate activity.  Regardless, President Trump is on quite a pace, and the world needs to catch up (that includes those of us in the U.S., on both sides of the aisle).

Whether this flurry of activity is positive or negative leadership remains to be seen.  Hyperventilating doesn’t solve diddly.  Regardless, the President’s approach is disruptive.  It’s not perfect.  And it will often require correction.  It drives home the concept that doing something – strongly considered and assessed – is better than doing nothing, and improvements can be made along the way.  It avoids paralysis of analysis, the perfect being the enemy of the good.  Sound familiar?  Anyone remember the Affordable Care Act, and Nancy Pelosi’s comments regarding it?
Disruption.  I am not for it, yet it is where we are.

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