Day 12 – Grave Digger!


I enter the conference call to facilitate my most important meeting of the day, and am greeted by the D.C. office contingent with their take on the immigration issue.  Annoyed and slightly bothered – this influx of politics, which did not occur before Nov. 8, 2016 is becoming a regular occurrence – I state, “hey, let’s skip the politics and talk about the project.”  To which, my D.C. attendee responds, “This isn’t politics, this is about human rights violations.”  How could I forget that this cohort lives within the Beltway, and is an attorney.  To this individual, it’s all politics; therefore, none of it is politics.  Being here in the corporate office in flyover country, I don’t see it the same way.  That must mean I am either misinformed or uneducated.  Time will tell.

Ultimately, the meeting went well, as did the five thousand other things I did afterwards.  (Journalists, feel free to take me literally there.)  I even prepped for tomorrow, given it will be another busy day.  I don’t think I have any planned meetings with Mr. D.C. tomorrow….

On the political front, there was talk of grave digging, people shooting themselves in the foot, and even the NYT defending President Trump’s nominee for SCOTUS.  We do live in interesting times.

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