Day 13 – Reckless


I had an interesting drive into work this morning.  After about five minutes on the freeway, I started looking for the moon.  With the way people were driving, I thought I would see a full moon.  I was wrong.  Today, the moon is in waxing crescent phase, not even close to a full moon.  What does all that mean?  Today’s drivers were just plain crazy, even a bit reckless.

Many would say the way President Trump has begun his tenure in office is reckless.  Many Executive Orders, guffaws with his Immigration order, and lots of fast movement on office appointments.  Is it reckless?  Is it disruptive?  Or is it simply a fast-acting person doing what he does best?  Time will tell whether it is too fast or not fast enough, and either good or bad for the country.

What about the machinations of President Trump’s opponents?  Are they being reckless, or appropriate?  Because, seriously, Trump isn’t the only one who can act out of line.

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