Day 14 – So Many Enemies


If you’ve been elected to any office, you know you have enemies.  You don’t even need to say or do anything to attract these enemies.  They are not you – meaning, they do not have the power and influence, or the office, that you do – therefore, they are against you.  Most of them aren’t violent enemies, but they will look for ways to take you down.

And, if not you, then your supporters.  President Trump has enough enemies – everyone who didn’t vote for him – without him making unforced errors to turn even more people against him.  It was not a good day for him today.  How bad was it?  I couldn’t find one news-related pro-Trump article.  One opinion piece was the best I could do.

Conversely, outrage and violence are being called “peaceful protests”.  Yet buildings are burning and windows are being broken.  In the name of “peace”.  Strange times we live in.

Media and Political Response



(Relatively) Neutral:

Media Smackdown:


Of Note

  • Nothing worth mentioning.  Unless rappers and comediennes publicly talking about assaulting a sitting President is “of note”. I do not think it is; hence, I provide no links.

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