Day 17 – Super!


Yesterday, I witnessed a football game that wasn’t going anywhere – it was completely one-sided – until the fourth quarter.  At that point, it became one-sided in the other direction, and created the sort of drama you’d like to see in a championship game. Interestingly, the most recent Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Championships were all blowouts, until they weren’t.  And, lo and behold, the losing team came back and won, in grand fashion…

…which brings us to Washington D.C., which is more like a super heavyweight bout than a championship game.  It’s the Democrats, the Republicans, and the media all throwing heavyweight barbs.  Some punches land, some don’t.  The Democrats are looking to land that knockout punch to get President Trump out of office.  They have a lot of help, too.

Who is going to win this battle?  For all the projection going on in the media, time will tell.


Media and Political Response



(Relatively) Neutral/Unrelated to Trump:

Climate Change:

Media on Media Smackdown:


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