Day 19 –Get To Work!


I got home late from band practice last night.  Got ready for bed, only to have my wife ask me to check out some odd sounds.

Seemed like nothing, so I went to bed.

Then, they happened again.  And again, and again, until it got annoying. Now, I was bothered, and needed answers!  Finally, 15-20 minutes later, I learned it had something to do with the wind and one of the neighbor’s doors.  Nothing I could do about it.  However, where I was sleepy upon returning from band practice, I now had a minor adrenaline rush.

Another 20-30 minutes, and I was finally out.

Needless to say, the alarm clock seemed to trigger a bit early this morning.  However, I woke up, realized the effort required in the day ahead of me, and got about my business.  Wasn’t worth griping about the wind, the lack of sleep, or the irritating noises.  And there was no need to use these as excuses.  There was work to be done.

In Washington, D.C., there is plenty of work to be done.  Dems think it should be done one way, President Trump thinks it should be done another, and some GOPers think it should be done another way.  Dems think their way is the only right way; Trump thinks the same about his, from what I can tell now.  GOP is playing the also-ran, which is status quo for them.

Regardless, I don’t believe the parties need to agree, but they need to understand they are all trying to solve different problems.  The election came and went.  So did the inauguration.  It’s time for them all to stop griping and showboating, turn off the alarm clock, and get up and do their Constitutionally-defined jobs.

And, by the way, the tables turned from yesterday.  This is practically all negative towards the President.

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