Day 20 – Funky Music


For a while, it sounded like someone at my company was practicing the recorder.  They were playing only two notes, or trying to play two notes.  A third grader could have done better.

Our floor soon learned it wasn’t a recorder – obviously – but a loud barcode printer.  Someone needed to print several hundred barcode labels, and we were the recipients of the off-key serenade.  I will probably hear it in my sleep tonight.

After twenty days, I think we can surmise the melody that President Trump, the GOP, the Democrats, and the media are going to play.  It already sounds like a broken record, and often borders on cacophony.  On better days, it only sounds dissonant, on worse days, it sounds enraging.

Not that these folks are supposed to get along.  However, in some shape or form, they are all representing *all of us* (got that, kids?).  Instead of looking to divide, they should be Constitutionally impartial, and looking for ways to make a better melody.

Until then, I have the barcode printer.

In a refreshing change, many of today’s links are neutral or apolitical.

Media and Political Response





Of Note


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