Day 26 – Shadows


One of my favorite things to say to people whose political party or favorite politicians get their way is, “If the shoe were on the other foot, would you be okay with it?”  To a person, they won’t answer the question.  I surmise that is because they don’t want to think about being in that position.  They get my point, but refuse to admit that maybe “their people” got their way in a way that was underhanded toward the representative republic in which we live.  But, you know, the ends justify the means…

…which brings me to Michael Flynn.  Is there a chance he did some illegal things?  Yes.  Is there a chance he was just stupid?  Yes.  Regardless, he is now out of the picture.

Or is He?  Does the story remain after he is gone?  Probably.  Do we want our intelligence community – people operating in the shadows – leaking confidential information to the public, because establishment types do not like the current administration?  Do we want appointed officials or staff undermining the offices of the federal government?  I would hope not.

For the Democrats and #NeverTrump-ers, if the shoe was on the other foot, would you want “your leader” undermined like that?  Or would you want the rule of law to take effect?

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