Day 27 – The Fix


Whew!  Long day today, and I’m not merely talking about the President’s presser.  Dealt with two vendors for two separate projects (I think I may have mentioned that in a previous post).  For one, things are going relatively well, but we will have a steep learning curve with their product.  For the other, well, we’re dealing with Microsoft Azure, and it seems our config and licensing requirements keep “changing”.  It’s really a case of none of our “certified” vendors knowing for sure what is going on, and Microsoft not having its ducks in a row, either.  It’s almost as though the fix is in for us to increase our subscription costs.

Which brings us back to Trump’s presser.  If you are tired of having a blowhard President, nothing he said was substantive.  If you are tired of having a blowhard press, then everything he said was important.  Not so ironically, everyone is claiming victory and ridiculing the opposition.  In other words, same stuff, different day.  Nothing to see here.  No chance for everyone coming to a middle ground.  It’s almost like the fix is on to numb us to all of this – that is mostly hyperbole on my part; the outraged classes will never get numb to it.

Media and Politics

Positive / Pro-Trump:

Negative / Anti-Trump:

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