Day 31 – Tempted


Today started practically the same way that Friday ended:  In the throes of corporate madness!  Not so much what was on the schedule today, but what I had to get done in preparation for two days of upcoming all-day design sessions.  Does it sound like fun?  Yes, if three corporate-level #1 priorities weren’t all competing for my time this week.  I was almost tempted to call the post, “Twister, Day 2”.  However, I did say I would try not to recycle material.  But I was tempted…


…just like people in politics are tempted.  Tempted by power and influence.  Tempted by money.  Tempted by the ability to impose their will on others.  (Hmm, seems people in the media have the same temptations.)  But, then, politicians are also tempted to bend the Constitution, to not abide by the rule of law, to not hold all rights as important so that grievances are judged appropriately by an impartial arbiter.

Temptation is a nasty thing.  And power corrupts.  You know how the rest of that saying goes.

Lots of neutral posts today.  Hooray for that!


Media and Politics

Positive / Pro-Trump:

Negative / Anti-Trump:

Neutral / Apolitical:


Of Note

  • Nothing today.  Time for me to learn a new software product.

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