Day 32 – IsNull()


The subtitle to today’s post should be, “Something’s Gotta Give!”  Thus far, today has been a hyper-productive day on several fronts for the primary vocation.  So much so, that to continue momentum on one front, I will continue to work in that discipline tonight.  I will also make time to conduct some music business activities that my producer politely reminded me to do.  Yes, I forget things occasionally, too.

Next on the plate is my son’s piano lesson.  I am his instructor, much like I was my daughter’s when she took piano.  We try to do piano every Tuesday evening.  At times we have to make exceptions, but not tonight.

What does this all mean?  My Trump media collection for today is empty.  At least, up until when I started writing this post.  Hence, as I start writing, IsNull(TrumpArticles) = true. It will be false in 3…2…1….

However, on the other hand, I think I will be happiest when IsNull(TrumpArticles) = true…for the media!  That way, we can all breathe.


Media and Politics

Positive / Pro-Trump:

Negative / Anti-Trump:

Neutral / Apolitical:

Media on Media Smackdown:


Of Note


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