Day 33 – Bright and Shiny



When I was sitting at home last night, working on my primary vocation, I got an email from a director of our firm.  It was about a new innovation that some of our partners would like to try.  Cool, right?  It might work, right?  Yes, it might work.  And the requesting partner is really excited about it!  However, they don’t know what it costs, and they don’t know exactly what measurable benefits they are going to get out of it, but they know it will help!

Have I seen this before?  Absolutely!  Many times!

One of our support departments is good at always trying to find the next tool that will help them revolutionize the way they support the firm.  When one of that team’s leaders wants to pursue a new tool, I usually say, “Squirrel!”.  A peer of mine says, “Shiny!”

Turns out, this director asked a couple of us to investigate this software product so we could get out in front of it and thwart the pursuit of the “bright and shiny.”  (His words, not mine.)

Bright and shiny does not lead to solutions. More often than not, it leads to more chaos, and less integration…which brings us to our current political situation.

Seems to me, our President is into some bright, shiny objects:  Anything reported by the media, especially cable news.  And, of course, the media gets into bright, shiny objects:  Everything the President says.  Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster.  Instead of actually looking for solutions to known problems, or for opportunities to exploit positive situations within an organization or within the country, both our president and our media are looking for bright, shiny objects that they can play with.  Too bad for the country.  Maybe, one day, they’ll all grow up.

Media and Politics

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