Day 34 – Diva


If I say, “Workplace diva,” I surmise that you have formed a picture in your mind.  You know, the person that always controls the room, the person that always tries to commandeer the project, the person who always makes everything all about them.  As much as this is behavior plays out in the entertainment world, the results can be equally maddening and impacting in a corporate environment.

I spent the last two days in conference with our version of the corporate diva.  This person, while an integral part of the project, always tries to lord it over the rest of the team, and commandeer and redirect every conversation to what they understand and how things should work according to their point of view.

I learned something today:

  • If the diva leaves the room smiling, and no one else does, then the meeting was a failure.
  • If the diva leaves the room frowning, and everyone else leaves the room smiling, then the meeting was a success.

What does this have to do with politics, you might ask?  Well, that is pretty simple.  Our President is a diva.  He commands the room, takes control, and tries to get his way.  So, it makes sense that if the diva is the only one smiling, and everyone else is frowning, that’s not a good thing for the country.

Or is it?  I’m not so sure.

If you consider that every talking head in the media, and practically every national reporter, is a diva in their own right, then what happens when you have a group of divas trying to control the room, against one diva?  I don’t have a good answer to that question, although I believe time will tell us if any of these divas are actually good for the country.  I am a realist; I will hold out my opinions, until some of this plays out, instead of overreacting to everything.

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