Day 35 – Strategic Objectives


Chasing technology can be a fool’s errand, or it can be a risk well worth taking.  If done incorrectly, it turns into always looking at the next bright and shiny object, as I mentioned in a previous post.  If done well, not only can it be good for the company, but it could turn the company around, and bring it up to speed or place it ahead of the pack.  In any event, the payoff can be significant.

Currently, my company is in a situation where we are trying to find the right technologies.  To do that, though, it makes sense to start with an understanding of the firm’s strategic objectives, then map the technologies to those objectives.  That doesn’t always guarantee we will find a winner.  It assists significantly in helping the firm understand why certain technologies may not be a good fit, while others would be.  For us, it’s all about trying to steer our partners in the right direction.

How does this relate to politics?  I believe it relates in this way:  Outside of the vitriol that occurs today between members of political parties, the media establishment, and the President’s administration, I believe we have a case where no one is trying to solve the same problem. If everyone were trying to solve the same problem, I believe there would be a lot more working together, and a lot less alienation and ostracizing of those who don’t believe the same things. However, since everyone has been taught to look at things different ways, and to not see any commonality whatsoever in the way the country should be run, everyone becomes marginalized, everything becomes a major issue.

Since there are no strategic objectives with which to map our efforts, there’s no way to assess whether we are on the right path or not.  Partly to blame are the media, the politicians and the political parties, and, of course, us. When we don’t know what we live for, but simply live day by day according to an ever-changing set of principles, it is hard to map desires to strategic objectives and, thus, it becomes difficult for us to have a direction going forward.  Without having a direction for ourselves, it is virtually impossible to expect our politicians to define a direction that benefits all of us.

‘Tis a light day, news-wise, in my opinion.

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