Day 38 – La La Land


Tell me if you’ve heard this one…an icon in industry makes a serious guffaw at a critical event, and social media doesn’t let the icon hear the end of it for weeks, maybe even months.  Doesn’t matter if it was actually that person’s fault or not.  They would be reamed on social media for months, maybe have several memes made in their honor.

Will Dustin Hoffman get a meme for the Academy Awards mistake from last night?  Naah, this is Hollywood – La La Land!  They don’t sacrifice their own.

“But,” you say, “it was a sincere mistake.”  True, it was.  And, it is fair to say it was not his fault.  But, be honest, if it were someone from outside of Hollywood – or say, someone of a different set of beliefs – that person would have been posterized.

I definitely don’t live in La La Land.  Events do not always end on a happy note.  Not every molehill turns into a mountain, and not every bad thing that happens needs to be hyperbolized into a larger than life lie (admit it, both political parties and the media are guilty of this).  Everyday life has enough drama and action without politicians and media running everything through the rinse cycle.

Football and MMA, anyone?


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  • None today.  None worth noting, anyway.


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