Day 39 – Carnival


Welcome to Ash Wednesday Eve. Okay, so it’s more commonly known as Fat Tuesday, or the last day of Mardi Gras or Carnival, depending on where you celebrate (or imbibe, or do whatever it is you do on the final day before the official beginning of Lent).

Carnival seems to be the best description of what happens in politics at the state and federal levels.  Forget about looking for common ground.  That’s so…um…last millennium.  Now, it’s all about emoting, safe spaces, and bullying people about bullying.  Shouting down people so that you are not shouted down.  Freedom from, not freedom to.  Interesting times, indeed.

On top of it, President Trump is a master of ceremonies, per se, and is accompanied by a grand number of main acts and side shows.  Oh, and by the GOP, which seems to be filling the role of selling fare food, but not really participating in the carnival.  Someone may want to remind them that their name is on the marquis.

Maybe the titillation and debauchery will cease tomorrow.  Nah, doubt it.  This is the political carnival, after all.

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