Day 41 – Limits


I had this great post planned for yesterday.  Believe me, it was great.  It was gonna be huge.  Bigger and better than any blog post written before it.  Millions of people would have become fans.

But, I arrived home from my primary vocation, ate dinner, took a nap…and awoke in time to start my morning routine.  I guess my body – physically and mentally – reached its limit.

This happens to me on occasion.  It usually happens from running too long for too long.  Several days of good sleep normally takes care of it.  This time, it is probably more about all the weather changes, people around me getting sick, and dealing with a mentally grueling stretch at work.

But, nonetheless, I reached my limit.

What about us, as U.S. citizens?  When will we reach our limit with:

  • Recycled news
  • Biased media
  • The outrage machine
  • Outdated political parties
  • The rule of law being purposely abdicated

When?  I don’t think there is a collective answer to those questions.  It’s up to us, individually, to say we’ve had enough, and not to permit the chattering classes and political classes to manipulate our emotions and control our lives.

Politics and Media




Media on Media Smackdown:


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