Day 42 – Learning Curve


Of my employer’s two vendor-solution based projects, we chose to scale back deployment a bit on one.  The tool is excellent; our trainees (and subsequent users) need more time to learn the intricacies of the product.  We don’t want to rush them, we want them to be confident using the tool, so that we can have a successful rollout and happy employees.

On the second – our Microsoft Azure solution – MS can’t figure out how to enroll us, through our existing software plan, in the Azure Premium service.  Crazy, right?  Should be a piece of cake, right?  Nope – it’s been escalated up three levels at Micosoft, because no one seems to know what to do.  Not only have these escalations lost us time, but they lost us support capability that we need to resolve a key issue right now.

Seems that everyone is going through a steep learning curve…just like President Trump.

I am not putting this all on him.  Unless you are elected for a second term, everyone who is elected POTUS is doing it for the first time.  Everyone comes out looking older, grayer, more weathered.  No one comes out as the same person they were going in, for whatever reason, and there are likely many that we never hear of…

Unless you are President Trump.  Then, the media gleefully tells us everything, with or without spin.  About your own unsecure Android phone as a potential cause of your leaks, or intelligence officials loyal to Obama working against you, or Republicans not finding the Obamacare repeal/replace/re(whatever!) bill that they are crafting.  Then, add the whole Russkies+Sessions=Love thing, sprinkled with a little “not a lifelong politician” vibe, and a whole lot of #NotMyPresident, and you’ve made the learning curve that much steeper.  (Disclaimer: I read articles on everything I cited above, but cannot verify whether they are accurate.  They are all “stories”, just cannot decipher from the articles whether they are facts or supposition.)

Can the President overcome his own shortcomings, his own inexperience, and the obstacles placed by Dems, NeverTrump-ers, and violent protesters?  Can he actually do this without causing serious harm?  I think these are fair questions.  However, I think an equally important question is:  If he succeeds, will all of his opposition shut up, and admit that he was capable and successful?  I don’t think so.

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