Day 45 – Fish Bowl


New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago: All places where you could live your entire life in complete anonymity, due to the sheer volume of people and the huge array of things to do.  Or, if you are Donald Trump, you figure out how to be always visible in the big city.  So visible, that you end up placing yourself in a fishbowl.  Welcome to the life of President Trump.

Several people have been known to say, “The only bad press is no press.”  Well, that might have worked for President Trump on the campaign trail, when everything was “us against them”.  However, in office, every little silly or downright stupid thing that is said – or tweeted – will be microanalyzed.  The fishbowl, which worked to Trump’s advantage in business and during the primaries, could be his Achilles heel.

Outside of the difficulties that the Democrats, the Soros-based groups, the NeverTrumpers, and others in the GOP give him, he is still adept at hurting himself.  He may want to stop that before his tenure ends much sooner than he desires.  However, he is the one who chooses to live in the fishbowl.  It is who he is, and now he must deal with any self-inflicted consequences.

And, besides that, I think everyone needs to get a grip….

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