Day 46 – Leadership


In my second year at my current job, our IT team was asked to sit with another department and assess how we could assist them. The relationship had been contentious for years, so this was an attempt to create a new beginning. When the subject of project management was raised, each team was asked to assess its skills in that area.  For each category, the other team ranked themselves a 5 out of 5.  Knowing how they operated, and all the project and communication issues they had, all I could do at that point was rate our team as an 8 out of 5.

Okay, I didn’t really do that. I wanted to.  Instead, my boss and I asked a couple questions of how this team conducted their business, and they soon realized that they really weren’t conducting project management at all; they had merely utilized personal task management at the project level, a common misunderstanding for many.

The point: This team wanted to show they did not need our help, and to actually show themselves as leaders in several organizational disciplines.  Problem is, my boss and I were relatively new to the firm, and their proof was definitely not in the pudding.  This team wanted to be recognized as leaders, but they hadn’t earned or deserved that recognition.  Similarly, but much more professionally, our team recognized that we were starting from zero relative to this team as well.

“So what,” you say?  President Trump may have been elected to do certain things.  As much as he is chief executive, he still needs to pitch his ideas to his staff, his advisers, and his amenable cohorts in Congress.  While he will likely never gain acceptance from The Left and the media, because, well, he is not a Progressive Democrat, he does need to create good will and prove accomplishment with the others.

The point?  Leadership is not earned merely because Trump won the presidential sweepstakes.  He has positional authority, yes, but even that is tenuous if you don’t have the respect of your team.  I won’t go as far as saying he needs to act presidential, because that is subjective. He does need to humble himself a bit, at least to those on his team, and prove himself to be worthy of respect.  Then, he can become a leader, and not any earlier.

News – “From the Bus” Edition

Maybe I’m wrong

Maybe I’m wrong

Maybe I’m right

Maybe I’m right

Maybe we are not crazy

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The Jewish vandalism problem

Obama equated slaves to immigrants in 2015

Obama Care lite?

Dow Jones Industrial Average


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