Day 101 – Extravaganza!

I would like to congratulate two people on this fine, Monday night.  First, President Trump for surviving his first 100 days in office.  If I notice correctly, we are on the brink of war, but frenemies are on our side, trying to convince North Korea not to do something stupid.  The wall is not up – it’s not even receiving funding – but the flow of illegal immigrants is down significantly.  The number of Executive Orders is up – significantly – but have put some shackles on government (for the most part).  The Russians caused Trump’s victory, but unmasking of citizens is okay when the ends justify the means (but neither sides’ position has been legally validated yet, although Trump’s accusations currently hold more water than the Senate Intelligence Committee’s do.  I know that could change, though, but I’m not holding my breath.)  And, of course, the media still sees nothing positive from the Trump presidency.  Why would they validate someone who stands against everything they are for?  That would go against every fiber of who they are.  Hence, it won’t happen.  As I once said in a comment to an Op Ed piece somewhere in the ethersphere (it’s out there…somewhere!), replace the word “Trump” with “Republican” in any Democratic diatribe, and it’s still all the same to them.

But wait, there’s more!  As chaotic and strange as Trump’s first one hundred days have been, he still polls significantly better than Congress.  That doesn’t speak well for the GOP led legislative branch, considering Trump doesn’t even have a 50% approval rating.  (BTW, in this fractured nation, will a Republican President ever reach a 50% approval rating?  Will a Democratic President?  I don’t know.)  And how are those pesky third parties doing?  Snuffed out of existence?  Not quite, but they could have taken advantage of all this zaniness, and chose not to.  What did they do?  Support Hillary and the Democrats, or support someone on the right (never Trumpers, establishment GOP…pick one).  Because, our binary brains can’t comprehend that there might be a third answer, one that does not exploit every current event as a hyperbolic disaster just waiting to happen.  One suggestion that may just cause dialog with those who believe differently, and to think beyond their current positions, to define a solution that benefits practically everyone, and that impartially, appropriately responds to every insinuation of -ism that exists.

It’s been an interesting 100+ days, hasn’t it?

I’d also like to congratulate myself for gutting it out for 100 days.  Some days, it was difficult, intruding into my family time and music vocation.  It has been fun, but it has taken longer each day than I thought it would.  It has eaten into more of my available time than I thought it would.  And, unlike the President, it doesn’t take an impeachment for me to move on before my term is over.

So, true to the intent of this blog, which was to describe life in these times of Trump, I will do what I set out to do:  Prove that politics is only one portion of life.  That there is a whole world outside of politics, one that is not preoccupied by the “us v them” mentality, that sees every opposition as a demon, to be slashed down and hated on principle alone.  Alas, this will be my last regular Underbelly post.  I will stop by on occasion to comment when I think appropriate, but it will definitely not be more than weekly.

Thank you to everyone who has commented to me personally or in FB for the work I have done.  It has been fun.  At times it has been tedious or flustering.  But it has always been worthwhile.  It is time for me to re-dedicate the opportunity cost of my time back to where it should be.

Remember:  It doesn’t matter who wins in politics; it matters what you choose to do about it.




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