Day 47 – Burden of Proof

Picture this: You receive a court summons, charged with a crime.  On the date of the crime, you weren’t even in the same region of the country, and it happened at a place you would never frequent.  Not only that, but you have handfuls of witnesses that can vouch for your alibi.

Yet, you respond to the summons, attorney at your side, confident this is all a big mistake.

Then, the prosecutor makes their accusation against you.  Cannot place you at the scene.  Cannot impugn your character.  Cannot provide any witnesses against you.  Yet proclaims your guilt.  Proclaims it strongly and emphatically. Proclaims that, if you are not found guilty, the whole course of the country will change for the worse.  And you can see the judge and jury start to make angry, judging glances in your direction.

Remember, the prosecutor has not offered one shred of evidence against you.  But he closed his argument.

The judge stares at you and says, “What proof do you have that you are not guilty?”  She puts you in a position to defend yourself against no evidence.  You are, thus, guilty until you can prove you are innocent.  The judicial system has turned against you.

Think this cannot happen?  It happens in social media and traditional media daily. It happens in politics, too.  How do you defend yourself against a lack of evidence?  How do you get to “case closed…innocent” when the judge says they will keep the case opened until you unequivocally prove your innocence against an unsubstantiated charge?

Welcome to our Russian debacle.
CA Congressman Adam Schiff has hinted that he wants to keep this investigation open until Trump proves the allegations are not true. However, it is Schiff who has the burden of proof, not Trump.  That is the way it should be.

Same holds true of Trump’s accusations against the Obama administration.  Just because Trump makes a claim does not mean it needs to be investigated.  However, this holds in both scenarios.  As used to be said, and I direct this to Schiff and Trump, “Sh**, or get off the pot.”  Stop making the Russians a pawn in our internal political game, and stop impacting our international reputation, both of you.  Could any of these allegations be true?  They could be.  Could they all be fabricated?  Yes, if so, it’s like implicating the next door neighbor for your family’s argument at the dinner table, but with much more serious consequences.

Sometimes, where there is smoke, there is no fire.  If you were the defendant, you would want the prosecutor to provide an allegation and evidence before you had to defend yourself.  And you demand your right to a speedy trial. Same should hold true at the highest levels of power.

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