Day 48 – Pavlov


Out of work early to take care of some family business, so you get an early post!

I spent most of the last three days sitting in software training.  The class was a refresher, needed more for the new users than for the IT team, but several of us were requested to attend, so we did.  Enticing our stay was the wide array of snacks provided throughout the day.  I am a relatively good eater, but am a sucker for some types of treats.  My Pavlovian response kicks in when chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or chocolate are present.  Unfortunately for me, some of these were made available.


Almost halfway through President Trump’s first hundred days, we know what triggers his Pavlovian response:  Untrue media coverage.  At least, what he considers untrue.  Anyone who followed the primaries and the general election already knew this, so why wouldn’t it hold true once he won the office?

However, we also learned two other parties have Pavlovian responses:

  • Media, to practically anything Trump says, regardless of what he says is newsworthy or not. And the spin will always be hyperbolic, worst case scenario.
  • The general populace, whenever anything is said that upsets its sensitivities.

We also learned that machinery is in place to guarantee each of the two points above, which, in turn, elicits Trump’s responses.  Quite a vicious circle.

Although a leopard cannot change its spots, humans can change.  The only party of the three that should have any motivation to change is Trump.  The other two, frankly, don’t care, and are looking to foster or emote outrage.  Therefore, it is up to the Commander In Chief to be the bigger man, per se.

Is he up to the task?  Can he restrain his Pavlovian response, for the betterment of the country?  Time will tell.

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