Day 52 – Full Moon / Snow Job


Here we are, on the eve of what is supposed to be a significant snow fall for the East Coast. Never mind that it will hit the Midwest first, but it’s those coastal folks for whom we reserve our pity.  Sarcasm aside, if the predictions are correct, this rendition of the Noreaster will be pretty nasty.  Many folks will be affected.  Let’s hope that everyone is as prepared as possible, and that no one tries anything silly or health risking.

And if you were on the road at all this weekend, you could probably tell that we had a full moon.  I can almost identify this event now without looking in the sky. The drivers get crazy, I get intrigued, sunset arrives, and it all makes sense.  Why do people go crazy with a full moon?  I don’t know.  I merely have personal anecdotes indicating it does happen.

Relative to Washington, D.C., regardless the Noreaster, when does the seemingly permanent full moon go away?  Do we have to ignore the entire political snow job until it no longer works on us? When do we go from crazy to normal, then from normal to not being manipulated?  Good question, eh?  I do not have the answer.

Neutral/News: AHCA – better or worse?

Positive/News: Draining the swamp?

Positive/Opinion:  Growing into the office?  

Neutral/News:  Attack drones to S. Korea  

Positive/News:  Who met with Russia?  Hillary’s team? 

Negative/News: Socialist party membership triples

Negative/News:  Lady, get a grip!

Negative/News:  ACLU, not neutral, and all in  

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Good reading:  Pendulum (a little light in some chapters, but an interesting read on how the social climate cycles approx every 80 years)


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