Day 53 – Control


Most things in commerce – whether advertising, sales, PR, management, or even government – are about control.  If we can be honest with ourselves, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, we should be able to admit at least that much.  It holds true in the projects I run – I am responsible for controlling the project – maybe not on my terms, but on my stakeholders’ terms.  That is why, for each project, we assess our assumptions, review our constraints, and regularly re-assess our risks; because, if we are not in control, we want to do our best to mitigate that lack of control.

We have all seen projects that get out of control.  Whether it’s the bathroom renovation, or the Microsoft Azure corporate-wide implementation, it’s not pretty.  It directly affects us mentally and emotionally.  That’s why disruption is such a game changer in business.  What many don’t see is that, whoever creates the chaos, normally then attempts to guide (i.e. control) the outcome.

Why is President Trump such an outlier for everyone in Washington D.C., for those who lead each political party, and for everyone in the media?  By his mere presence as an outsider, he massively influences everything, for better or for worse.  And everyone is left to react.  The smart ones either wait for stupidity to die down, or they respond in a way that mitigates the risk.  If you are a Progressive or in liberal media, you overreact to everything, and permit the President to maintain control.  If you are the GOP, you either a) stick your head in the sand, or b) wait for the President to “get smart” (i.e. think like you, which hasn’t happened in the past two years of campaigning), and permit the President to maintain control.

Everyone wants to control their own piece of the pie.  Even if they are going down with the ship, maintaining control is seen as stability, loyalty. even sacrifice and martyrdom for the cause, in some cases.  Regardless, Trump is the bad guy because he is not one of them.  Even if he had no skeletons in his closet or unrepented sins, he would still be the mortal enemy.  Because he is taking their control.

One country engaging in populism is a threat to that country.  A multitude of free countries engaging in populism threatens the world order.

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