Day 54 – The Golden Rule

the golden rule


The Golden Rule.  No, not the one memorialized by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart (shown above).  No, the one you all know:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Or, to put it another way:  Love your neighbor as yourself.

Many people today are not good at this.  The bully.  The boss.  The husband who disrespects his wife, and vice-versa.  The defender of the downtrodden, who takes on every special case and makes everyone else out to be evil.  The person who plays both the victim and the hero.  The person who won’t open the door for you, and the person who complains when you open the door for them.  The collaborator who thinks they are your boss instead of a peer.  The one who takes you for granted, but cannot stand being taken for granted.  You know the type.  Maybe, on occasion, you are the type.  I know, I can be like that at times.  It is not a preference, but it does happen.  I am human, after all.

But what about the people who live their lives this way?   You know, those who twist the Golden Rule to be, “I will treat you as I wish, and you shall always treat me well.”  Doesn’t sound golden, and doesn’t sound at all like the equity most of these offenders proclaim to desire.

If we want to know why our personal relationships, our social environment, and our politics look like they do, maybe we should start with re-establishing the true Golden Rule as a baseline, not an exception.

Featured article:  The problem with intersectionality, liberal POV

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