Day 55 – Madness


I took the day off from my primary vocation today so that I could perform in a daytime gig with my cover band.  It was a good day off, and the gig was excellent.  The day started off a little awkward, though.  We learned that AT&T/U-verse’s deal with some of our local television stations expired.  One of those stations is the local CBS affiliate, which means we won’t be watching many of the March Madness games; we had a limited plan which does not include subscription sports stations.  My son and I – okay, my son – will find ways to deal with it.

Frankly, I haven’t paid much attention to the media over the last day, and probably will not tomorrow, either. Does that make me uneducated?  Unlearned?  No, it simply means that my life is not driven by the politics.  It is driven my my vocations, my family, and my faith, all of which are important to me regardless of who holds the office.

Politicians, oy!

Maybe Pelosi should hang it up

Maybe McCain should hang it up

News & Media

Meals on Wheels – not in danger

Trump budget cut proposals

Netflix ranking changes – binary shift

Ouch! – University of AZ hurt feelings




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