Day 59 – Clarity


Two days worth of gigs, a work at home day, my daughter coming home on college break, and my normal “Underbelly” weekend break were a welcome respite from the primary vocation hubbub and the political claptrap.  It’s not that the job is going poorly – it’s not – or that politics in the USA has become irrelevant or mundane – it hasn’t.

During this brief hiatus, a strange question hit me, one I did not think I would ever pose.  The question brought me clarity.

That question:  What if Trump is the right person to be President, right now?

I’m not saying the question is, “Is Trump going to be a good President?” or, “Is Trump the President we need?”  Not at all.  From what I observe now, he is the President that is making everyone else transparent:  the Democrats, the Progressives/Socialists that may or may not still be a part of the Democratic Party, and the members of the GOP that want to keep their reign, whether they actually benefit the nation by it, or not.

Can I also talk about the media?  I mean, the gloves are off; any modicum of balance has departed.  Respected anchors are giving foul-mouthed tirades on air.  What was “solid news” during Obama’s tenure – remember it was reported that a video caused the Benghazi terror attack? – is now “fake news” since the shoe is on the other foot.

Can we also talk about the impact of money on campaigns?  For all the grandstanding about McCain-Feingold…er, repealing Glass-Steagall..nope, that’s not it – Citizens United (yeah, that’s the one!), the “unregulated money” certainly didn’t mean as much as it had in the past.  Bernie Sanders railed against campaign funding, yet he almost beat the machine that was Clinton, Inc.  Trump was outspent by other GOP candidates during the primaries, and by Hillary, yet won.  So, how can the left complain about campaign funding when their candidate was probably the most well-endowed candidate on the campaign trail (outside of Jeb Bush), yet couldn’t pull out the victory?

Can we also talk about the leaks?  And about the Russians?  Everyone else is, which becomes an embarrassment in its own right.  While these leaks are allegedly supposed to take down Trump, all they do (for now) is point out how the beltway politicians cannot stand one who is not of their own.

See, my question about Trump being the right President for now has nothing to do with how he governs, his personality, his tweets, or his taxes.  It is not even about whether he is successful.  It has everything to do with everyone’s hidden agendas coming directly to light, and all of us who are not burying our heads in the sand being able to recognize it.  Because, without Trump, most of these operatives would still be hidden below the surface.

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