Day 60 – Spoiled Brats

Some not so random thoughts:

  • The Resistance: a privilege movement.  Resisting liberty and freedom to mandate government do more, against others.
  • Coffee party: another privilege movement.  A response to the Tea Party, which started as grass roots, then was co-opted by the GOP.
  • Any griping by silicon valley execs: privilege 
  • Actors griping when municipalities want to open the land around their property.  Again, privilege.
  • College kids complaining about the morals of others, and thinking they are above it all.  Yet, I know the crap they listen to when they go to the bars.  Gangsta rap, heavy hip hop.  Appropriating culture…privilege. Hypocrites.

Why is it that the spoiled brats are getting all the attention?  And why are the adults in the room always acquiescing?  What happened to reason and impartiality being used to govern and judge?  

  • Establishment politicians: privileged, and controlling who obtains privilege.

The privileged are attempting to tell everyone else – and then mandate – how they should live. I call it “the new piety.” Isn’t that what they were allegedly fighting?  Being put under someone else’s thumb?

Odd, no?

Whilst On The Bus

Trump lays down health care gauntlet

Investigating Russian bots

Stone preserving docs for Intel Committee

Is Tillerson weak?

Tillerson to snub NATO

Twitter kills ‘extreme’ accounts

Slave auction at elementary school

Who is leader of the Dems?

Too much religious freedom?

Dow Jones Industrial Average


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