Day 61 – Foreign Affairs

To follow up on a couple stories from my primary vocation:

  • Activities with my document assembly vendor project are going well.  Several trainees are starting to use the software in earnest, which is critical for the success of the project.  We continue to make slow, but steady progress in this program.
  • For our Microsoft Azure project, our MS contacts still don’t know how to have us pay to activate our Premium licenses.  We are now a month into this current sticking point, and the mantra is still, “Almost there.”  Confidence waned a long time ago, but we press on, assuming they will figure it out.

On the political front, I couldn’t help but notice people “behaving badly”.  President Trump was elected on a platform of improved economy, reduced immigration, and a safer country.  Looks like factions around the world are getting ready to test him on that last pillar.

And, then, we have all the normal political fighting.  What a country!


Of Note


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