Day 62 – Response Time

On several different fronts, the topic of “response time” has been relevant.  At home, the topic relates to how long it takes to respond to someone’s request, then how long it takes to complete it.  For work, it relates to similar scenarios, and also applies to system capabilities – how quick can a user access a specific function, and how long does it take for the system to complete the transaction.

It’s interesting how things work nowadays.  From my perspective, it seems not to matter as much how intelligent you are, but how resourceful you are:  Results are king!  With systems, where we used to focus on doing the possible, we are now focused not on making things possible for users, but making them easy.  No matter how you shake it, everything is about producing the highest quality results in the quickest amount of time.  The current culture demands it.

In government, we continually run the risk of trying to turn our elected bodies – especially, our legislatures – into a corporate entity, sprinting to decisions and implementing “solutions”.  Does the current culture demand it?  Of course.  But, that does not mean government should work that way.

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