Day 67 – Nuclear

93-0.  This is pretty close to unanimous for a 100-member voting population.

93-0.  That means, even if you exclude groupthink, the person receiving the vote is fully qualified, or the issue has logical and reasonable support even among those who may normally be detractors. 

93-0.  So, what changes a person’s mind from an individual being super-qualified (sounds like “super-precedent”, doesn’t it, Senator Feinstein?), to being filibustered?

Yes, I am talking about Neil Gorsuch.  The judge, confirmed, 93-0, for his current office.  That means Dems and Republicans found him fully qualified.

What changed?  If you are adept at reading between the lines, it’s pretty easy to see.  In fact, Senator Schumer stated the issue, outright.  To paraphrase him, Justice Gorsuch, “would not align with our agenda,” which means Justice Gorsuch believes legislators should legislate, and the judiciary should judge based on the law, and never the twain shall meet.

See, for Democrats, that’s an issue.  It means that any legislating from the bench that had been done during the Obama administration is at risk of being overturned  (if the right case makes it to SCOTUS, and SCOTUS decided to hear it…both big “if”s), and that you have four justices who believe along that line.  In other words, social justice would no longer be served directly through the highest level of the court, and each social case would be in the hands of the “swing justice” (Anthony Kennedy).

It also means that many 9th District Appellate Court rulings could be overturned. But that’s pretty much reiterating Sen. Schumer’s intent. Because, Democrats are trying to change the definition of “qualified”.  That should be a concern for everybody.

Time to go nuclear and stop this disaster. Gorsuch is qualified.  Stop the politics.

Notes From the Bus


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