Day 68 – Bliss



Yesterday, I happened to mention to a co-worker the topic of my previous day’s post.  We were both early for a scheduled meeting, so we ventured into conversation about Gorsuch, Nunes, and several other current hot buttons.  We are not politically aligned, but we are cordial and we can discuss adult topics as adults.  (Can’t say the same for everyone at my primary vocation.)    Right before another meeting invitee entered the room, I mentioned that, some days, I’d almost rather be ignorant than following all this stuff.  Why?  Because, without the politics, people are…people.  They are not beings governed by politics, deserving my judgment (see above) or blessing.  I can treat everyone without animosity.  My co-worker agreed with me.

Today was one of those “ignorance” days.  To say everything at my job worked as it should would be wrong.  Instead, I can say that every activity today positively impacted the projects on which I was working.  That does not mean I am getting all haughty about my accomplishments.  Frankly, none of the successes were significant, but they were all needed.  Although it is now past 7pm, the family is done eating dinner, and everyone has gone off to their own night time activities, and I still haven’t cracked open any news aggregators or Twitter to get the latest political stories.  That all changes now…maybe ignorance really is bliss?!?

p.s. It’s now almost 8:30, and I’m done looking at political stuff.  I think I found all that I care to report.

Politics and Media:



Media on Media Smackdown:


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