Day 73 – Play Ball!

Baseball has always been my favorite sport.  I played the game from tee ball all the way through the highest city league possible.  I couldn’t hit a fastball to save my life, but I could hit a curve.  I could also play (some) outfield or infield.  Just don’t ask me to pitch or catch.

I also followed my home team, the Cleveland Indians, very closely. At the age of six, I made scrapbooks of my three favorite players – Rick Manning, Duane Kuiper, and Dennis Eckersley.  I followed the team through thick and thin…mostly, through thin.  However, to me, it is fun to listen to baseball games; I can keep up with the action while doing other things.

Baseball is the one sport my wife and I both enjoy.  She could care less for basketball and football.  We’ve tried to take in at least one home game per year.  Our son, who can watch just about any sport at any time, also enjoys baseball.  My daughter really doesn’t care for any sports, but got used to hearing baseball on the radio all the time.

This year, it will be the same.  The Tribe starts their season tonight, and, appropriately, the rest of the world will stop.  While the Gorsuch games, the immigration games, and intersectionality games, and the Russia games will continue, our family’s attention will be otherwise tonight.

Play ball!


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