Day 74 – Rain

It never fails.  Tuesday is “precipitation day”.  At least, for the last three years, it seems that way.  My cover band has rehearsal on Tuesday nights, and it seems that for these three years, I am always fighting either rain or snow on my way out to rehearsal.  It got to be so consistent that I started saying, “If it’s raining, it must be Tuesday.”  

I know that some country musician out there said, “Rain is a good thing.”  Granted, the singer had other intentions, however, I can agree with him. I’m just not sure that, living in Northeastern Ohio, I am ready to start mowing the lawn yet.  It is what it is.

In other news, the Cleveland Indians won their opening game!  Kluber was not at his best, but the bullpen and timely hitting pulled out the victory.

Today’s update:  Looks like it is raining on the Dems.


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