Day 75 – Pain (In the Neck)


I don’t know exactly how I did it.  Actually, I know how, but don’t know at what exact moment I did it.  One day, last week, during one of my workouts, I pushed myself a little too hard, and strained a neck muscle.  I’ve dealt with it, but just when I thought it was really getting better, I feel like it backslid a bit today.  Don’t know why.  Maybe it has something to do with hunching over a cubicle desk and looking at two computer monitors all day.

Regardless of the pain I encountered – which, frankly, isn’t much in the grand scheme of things – today was a good day at the primary vocation.  We inched forward one more step with our Microsoft Azure project; they finally got us the right contract and the right method of payment.  Now, if we can only figure out who, in house, owns the domain (i.e. set it up), we can actually apply the licenses.

What pains in the neck have afflicted our politicians and media today?  Is Rice on the menu again today?  (I know, bad pun.  I couldn’t resist.)


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