Day 76 – Quality At Bats


I do not intend to turn this quasi-political, always real-life blog into a baseball blog (Go Tribe!!!).  It does seem, however, that a cross-pollination, here and there, is in order.

The Tribe is now 3-0.  Sweeping the Texas Rangers in dramatic fashion, it took a Francisco Lindor grand slam in the top of the 9th inning, and excellent pitching by Bryan Shaw in the bottom of the 9th to get the save, for the Tribe to complete the sweep.  It was Lindor’s grand slam that proved the game-winning hit.  However, you cannot have a grand slam if you don’t have the bases loaded.  Most times, you cannot have the bases loaded without having quality at bats.

What is a quality at bat?  Does it mean that your plate appearance results in a home run?  A hit?  A walk?  Or can it also mean moving a teammate along to the next base?  Or, maybe even striking out, but working the count to up the pitcher’s pitch count?

I know what is not a quality at bat:  striking out swinging, on three pitches way out of the strike zone.  Or swinging at the first pitch when the previous two batters each walked on four straight pitches (I’m looking at you, Albert Belle, during the 1995 ALCS against Bob Wolcott).

In any event, a quality at bat may not always provide the desired outcome.  It means you did not waste the opportunity, and maybe, in a scenario where a 30% success rate is considered excellent, you did achieve real success (getting a hit or walk, scoring a runner, etc.).  Same holds true in my vocations:

  • In my primary vocation, it’s delivering those meeting minutes, making that next follow-up call, and maybe even getting one of the C-level officers to see and agree with my point of view.
  • In my cover band, it’s learning that next song to my satisfaction, and being prepared with it at the next rehearsal.
  • In my original music projects, it’s completing that next step instead of waiting for “the right time”.

Quality at bats are important.  In government, some times, a quality at bat is not good enough.  Was Nikki Haley’s stare down of the Russian ambassador enough?  Probably not.  Is President Trump wagging his finger at N. Korea a good at bat?  Again, probably not.  Is there stuff going on behind the scenes that may reflect more of a quality at bat than we will know?  Possibly.  I’m not saying whether it may be likely or not; that’s not only out of my pay grade, but beyond my knowledge base.  I don’t conduct surveillance on Presidential candidates or foreign dignitaries.  Let’s just say that the current Syria and N. Korea situations, and possibly the Turkey situation, may require more than an inning or two of quality at bats.


  • Whether you are a new reader, or a regular visitor, note that I post articles that I believe are relevant to the day, regardless of my political, philosophical, or sociological position on them.
  • My designation of “positive/negative” does not mean that the article is for or against Trump himself, or that the author necessarily aligns with Trump, but that the content of the article aligns positively or negatively with a stated position or motivation of the President.  Hence, you may find a HuffPo article designated as “positive”, or a National Review article designated as “negative”.
  • I obtain my sources from several aggregator sites, social media, and other international news sites that I think play it relatively down the middle.  I attempt to hit all sides of the spectrum.  Some days, this is easy; other days, it is not.
  • I try to do what I can within a 60-90 minute period daily; hence, quite obviously, I’m not aiming for a 24-hr moving target, but collecting what I can when I can.

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