Day 80 – War


I can be pretty quick with a quip.  I can whip up a first verse, a pre-chorus, and chorus of a new tune in short order, and create 2-3 melodies, fast-following.  I can play Aesop with just about any event that occurs in my life.  Part stoic, part philosopher, part teacher, that’s me.  I can usually think of something to say in just about any situation.  But not this time.  As Christians engage in the holiest week of the church calendar, culminating in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I look at the myriad political situations around the world, the intentional hate between political parties and the constituents they are supposed to serve, the false and intentionally misleading narratives of the media, the banging of war drums, and the coalescing of many Dems and Reps around a POTUS who is green but not yellow, and all I can say is…sigh.

I am a Christian.  I prayed for Obama.  I pray for Trump.  I pray for all our leaders to fulfill their vocations to the best of their ability.  I pray for believers and unbelievers alike, that they would be rational, reasonable.  That they would engage each other civilly.  Yet I know that the one perfect Man in this world was sentenced to death.  If it can happen to Him, albeit for our benefit, then anything in this world is fair game.  Yet, I will continue to pray for our leaders to stop their bickering, stop with their personal and political agendas, and to do the right thing.  Starting World War III does not sound like it.

War – what is it good for?*


*”War”, Edwin Starr


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