Day 82 – Tick Tock

After doing something at the same time on an almost daily basis, you can practically set your clock by it.  For me, one of these activities is leaving work to catch the bus.  It’s a minor activity, of course, but I do it enough that, even without looking at the time, I can tell when the bus is late.  Today was one of those days.  No biggie, though.  I was able to speak with a fellow rider at the bus stop, and catch up on Cavs and Indians news.  

Now that I am actually on the bus, I will find the relevant news of the day.  At least, what I find relevant.  I recognize that my taste for noise has decreased significantly since starting this blog.  That does not make it easier to find content; it makes it quicker to disqualify articles.  Note that I do not disqualify sources.  The intent of this blog is to provide a relatively even-handed perspective of our current times.

Regarding the theme of this post:  Is there anything that President Trump does that you can set your clock to?  Maybe the morning tweets.  Sean Spicer’s press conferences.  Anything else?


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