Day 88 – Uninspired

Maybe it is everything I ate over Easter weekend.  Maybe it is everything I accomplished yesterday, across the board.  Whatever it is, the Underbelly muse has been M.I.A. today.  That is okay though, because not every day needs to be inspired.  The important things in life are boring, after all.  I am allowed to be content in the work I am doing and the progress I am making, even if it is not inspired work.  I don’t have to set the world on fire every day.  I just cannot get complacent.

Am I in a bad mood?  Heavens, no!  It’s been a great day.  It is merely that no quips have come to mind, and there is nothing earth-shattering to say at Underbelly Central.  Well, maybe a rant about FB live and similar forums would be appropriate, or a diatribe about Microsoft Azure (second renewal of trial license because, yet another support team at MS cannot help us), but not today.  After the perpetual rage in politics over the last several (pick one) days/weeks/months/years, it is good to have a down day.


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