Day 89 – Reprise

Not a long post today, just a number of things that need to be refreshed:

  • We are now in our second renewal of our Microsoft Azure Premium trial licenses.  Why?  Simple:  Microsoft still can’t figure out what to do.  It is now to the point that, when they tell us to open a ticket, we say, “No, we have done that ‘x’ times already, we are tired of your runaround.  You figure it out.”  They are clueless.
  • Yesterday was Tuesday.  It did not rain.  Of course, that means it was the Tuesday that we did not have a band rehearsal.  My son and I went out for ice cream instead.
  • Aren’t we supposed to be in World War III or something?  Something has definitely died: the media hubbub over the U.S. starting the war.  (That doesn’t mean the danger is over, but some clarifying statements by POTUS and his administration have seemed to take a little of the edge off.)



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