Day 90 – Azure

Could it be?  Might it be?  What you’re telling me is that there’s a chance?

Stop me before I laugh hysterically!

Ok, I really don’t want to get ahead of myself.  It looks like there is a decent possibility that the right person with the right support group for the right product is trying to help us work through our Microsoft Azure problem.  Over sixty days into this fiasco, with hundreds of emails gone back and forth from our developers to MS and various consulting agencies; from our managers, directors, and our CIO to our various MS account reps and their bosses; and from the MS folks offering their various mea culpas, the right person might finally be helping us.

Obviously, we have been here before.  As any good project manager knows, 99% complete is not complete!  Things happen.  Until you’ve crossed the finish line, you are not done, no matter how hopeful and energized you are.  Considering we are on our second renewal of our 30-day software trial, we are beyond sixty days trying to resolve this.  And we only got to this point because it took two-plus weeks for our account rep to figure out how to get us the trial license in the first place.

Hence, while I am hopeful, I am realistic.  Until our developer states that the licenses are in place, and he has verified as much, and the software apps are fully functional, we do what we’ve done for almost three months…we wait.


In this episode of “Do the Republicans Know What They Are Doing?”  I offer the following

In other news:


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