Day 94 – Friends



All of my friends are just like me.  Same with all my associates.

If you believe that, I have a few Cleveland Browns high first round draft picks to trade you.

My friends are my friends because we have affinities.  Some of them are vocation-related.  Some, music-related.  Some, just because we happen to get along well.  Some, I met through my kids’ activities.  Some, from common religious beliefs.  None of my friends are my friends because of their political affiliations.

This past Friday, my wife and I went out with some friends that are a bit younger, politically opposed, and on different pages, faith-wise.  We had a blast.  Ate some good Thai food, made jokes at the expense of a local Cleveland industrial manufacturer, and enjoyed some whiskey tasting.  We know not to discuss religion and politics with them, and they reciprocate, just the same.  Things could get heated, so we don’t go there.

Funny, though, we seem to find a bunch of other things to discuss when we are together, and the time flies while doing it.  Four-plus hours together, and not one single word about politics.  I am happy I don’t look at political labels to determine who my friends are.



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