Day 95 – Luck

Sometimes, things do not work in our favor.  Believe it or not, I am not talking about “Fun With Azure” this time.  (Would Sheldon Cooper do a vlog on that topic? Hmm.)  No, this one is about something my son really wanted to do.  The latter half of last year, we reached out to a local pastor to see if our son could sing the National Anthem at the service that occurs before the local Memorial Day parade.  I believe we heard back once, that we should ping the pastor as we got into 2017.  Well, my wife and son did.  And did again.  And did again.  No word from the pastor, not even an acknowledgement.  Assuming, after several tries with no response whatsoever that this was going nowhere, we made other commitments.  

Guess who contacted us today?  Yep, the pastor.  Out of the blue.  Well, with the commitments we already made, and other commitments we could not make because of what has already been done, our son is not available.  I feel for him.  He is a good singer, and will have other opportunities, we just have to find them.

The moral of the story:  “Luck” is where preparedness and opportunity meet.  In this instance, the “luck” was not there.  We will all live and learn, and have a blast fulfilling the commitments we did make for that day.  The pastor will have to wait until next year.


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