Day 96 – Authority

Liberty or control?  Comfort or chaos?  Profit or potential loss?  Which is desired?  Which is craved?

To how much authority are we willing to be subjected?  Are we willing to give up those opportunities to make something of ourselves, to prove ourselves, if assurances are given that we will be better off (or far better off) for sacrificing or forgoing them?  Are we willing to give up our own autonomy and authority because sequestering them will give us “a better life?”  

Remember that the questions are binary.  Comfort and liberty cannot coexist.  You gravitate toward one or the other.  The freer we are, the lesser the guarantee of success, the greater the risk of loss.  The more comfortable we are, the more safe and secure we think we are.  Do we trust others to do for us what we can do for ourselves?  (Reread that last question to ensure you read it right.)  Are we willing to subordinate our spirit, our zeal, for someone else to call all the shots?  For assurance that will, almost always, ultimately fail? Or do we want to maintain some level of control over our own lives?

Today, the herd mentality is all the rage.  Rugged individualism is no longer en vogue.  We crave for governments to do for us (i.e. entitle us) what most of us can do for ourselves.  We relegate ourselves to less than fulfilling jobs because they limit our financial risks.  We choose to let others choose for us, because they “know better”, even though they have never walked a mile in our shoes.

Why do we do this?  I don’t know.  Some times certain opportunities are just too good to pass up.  But to what end?  When we choose to give up our liberty, our control, our influence, or even merely our opinions and insights, what have we truly gained?


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