Day 97 – Pipedreams

In most NFL cities, today is called “Draft Day.”  In my town, it’s called “Cleveland’s Super Bowl.”  When you have been as bad as the Browns have been since 1999, when a good record gets you close to .500 ball, when good defense gets you ranked in the bottom third of the league instread of dead last, you know you have problems.  However, the Browns regular season woes not only derive from poor coaching and planning, but also from poor talent and execution.  These last eighteen years of drafts have gone from horrid to mildly acceptable, to what the neck were you thinking!?!  Hence, the team has not improved, and the draft hasn’t exactly been the team’s Super Bowl, either.

This year, the team has hope.  Not for a winning record, but for not stinking up the draft.  There is a unanimous #1 pick (of whom I am not a fan), a bunch of defensive studs, and several possibly good quarterbacks.  The Browns need help everywhere, but they cannot solve it all this year.  That would be a pipe dream. In reality, you draw a baseline of where you are, and attempt to progress from there.

Speaking of pipe dreams, which seems the most outrageous right now:

  • Trump’s allegations of improper surveillance, and taking down the deep state?
  • The Dem’s allegations of Russian collusion, and taking down Trump?
  • North Korea’s dream of lording it over the U.S.?
  • The Browns finishing with better than a 3-13 record.  (This was my prediction for them last year.  As inept as they were across the board, a couple made field goals, and my prediction would have been correct.)

    And, for the record, we finally resolved our Microsoft Azure Premium license issues.  Huzzah!


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